Welcome to the First Issue of the renewed QOE-Italian Journal of Electoral Studies

QOE-IJES is released in its new version, with an English title flanking the Italian one, a new lively publisher – Firenze University Press (FUP), new Editors and editorial committee, and a renewed international advisory board.

The publication frequency is six-monthly. After a rigorous double-blind peer-review, the papers will be published online-first as soon as they are accepted, and tagged with a DOI code (before technical editing, formatting for publication, and author proofing).

The journal is free of charge, both for authors (who retain the copyright) and for readers. The articles are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License (CC-BY-4.0) terms.

A warm thank goes to those who supported and made all these changes possible.

Much work has still to be done. We will do our best to face the challenges ahead.

We want to wish QOE-IJES a positive future and to us all good work.

Paolo Bellucci and Silvia Bolgherini



Paolo Bellucci, Silvia Bolgherini


Alessandro Chiaramonte
Natalie Jackson, Michael S. Lewis-Beck, Charles Tien
João Cancela
Jonathan Bright, Diego Garzia, Joseph Lacey, Alexander H. Trechsel
Vincenzo Memoli

Tra elezioni europee e politiche: gli esempi di Spagna e Grecia

di Anna Bosco e Susannah Verney *

In Spagna e Grecia le elezioni europee sono solo uno dei quattro appuntamenti elettorali del 2019. In tutti e due i paesi, infatti, si terranno anche consultazioni politiche, regionali e municipali. In Spagna le elezioni parlamentari sono state convocate per il 28 aprile, mentre in Grecia la data non è ancora nota, sebbene il calendario elettorale preveda la chiusura della attuale legislatura entro l’inizio di ottobre.

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