The Società Italiana di Studi Elettorali (SISE) is proud to announce the appointment of Silvia Bolgherini (University of Perugia) and Paolo Bellucci (University of Siena) as the new Co-Editors of the ‘Quaderni dell’Osservatorio Elettorale’ (QOE) / ‘Italian Journal of Electoral Studies’ (IJES) for the three-year term 2024-2026. This decision follows a selection process, as part of our recent Call for Editors.

The QOE journal, founded in 1977 and renewed in 2020, is a prestigious publication in the field of electoral studies. In 2020, the journal was rebranded as QOE/IJES and is published by Firenze University Press. It has recently been accepted for Scopus indexing and also classified “Class A” in the disciplinary area of Political Science (14/A2) by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and its evaluation agency ANVUR, a status retroactively granted since 2020.

The journal is open to contributions from scholars across social science disciplines and hosts works from both established and emerging researchers. QOE/IJES also invites distinguished guest editors for special issues and prides itself on open access.

The SISE’s call for editors outlined an ideal editorial structure, suggesting a team composed of two editors of alternate gender. The role involves overseeing the production of at least two high-quality, peer-reviewed issues per year, ensuring diversity in articles and compliance with research transparency guidelines.

The new directors, Bolgherini and Bellucci, were selected for their profiles, organizational skills, and their strategic vision for the journal, which includes enhancing the journal’s profile, increasing international contributions, and elevating its impact in the scientific community.

Moreover, alongside the two directors, there will be an editorial committee composed of: Gianfranco Baldini (University of Bologna); Rossella Borri (University of Siena); Luca Carrieri (Unitelma Sapienza Rome); Marino De Luca (University of Calabria); Selena Grimaldi (University of Macerata); Aldo Paparo (University of Florence); Fabio Serricchio (University of Molise); Federico Trastulli (University of Verona).

We are confident that under the leadership of Silvia Bolgherini and Paolo Bellucci, QOE/IJES will continue to flourish and make significant contributions to the field of electoral studies. We extend our best wishes to the new directors and invite our academic community to support them in their role.

Luigi Ceccarini
President, Società Italiana di Studi Elettorali


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